It’s not about how passionate you are about using virtual worlds for education…

It’s about the user experience!

Complex feature-laden interfaces, chronic voice connection failures, limited avatar selection/capabilities, lack of privacy/branding, and low-resolution graphics, are just some of the issues hindering your online multi-user 3D space from being attractive and usable.

Fact: Only 1 out of 10 new users embrace the virtual world experience. How do you get some of that other 90% to at least use it and return?
vrcampus panel
What if there was an interface so simple, your grandmother can use it?

The first time login and orientation for a new user should be just 1-2 minutes. Not hours, days, weeks, or months.

How about 3D environments with high-resolution environments in a Web browser?

A new user is easily impressed with more realistic-looking builds, avatars, and environments. Professional game engine software provides stunning graphics, powerful physics, and flexible scripting.

What if there was an online multi-user 3D platform that was exclusive to your campus or organization. With your brand/logo and access controls?

Educators and other faculty need non-interrupted rooms and less distractive environments. Students need to be safe with controlled access. The ability to have an exclusive platform and interface, with your own brand away from a popular grid, is vital.

Our team has been working towards the “Easy Button” for several years. We have over a decade of experience using online 3D multi-user environments for education, training, meeting, collaborating, simulations, large-scale conferences, etc. We’ve observed and listened to other virtual worlds users and educators as well. We know what needs to be done. Or actually, “not done”.

space station class

VRcampus is yet another approach to online learning in 3D multi-user environments. It has more flexibility, features, and possibilities than typical virtual worlds. Although VRcampus is brand new and in its very early stages, and things are happening fast!

With VRcampus, you can limit your users to pre-selected content and avatars, or you can open it up for them to upload their custom environments and avatars. I know what you’re thinking; Game engine software is a high learning curve. Yes, it is an advanced skill set. But we’ve seen 12-year-olds as well as many other first time users, up and running in a week. We also feel skills learned, provide career options for students interested in game and app development, architecture, art, design, instruction, occupational training, health tech, etc. The 3D Web is here, and for many, it’s their future.

vr campus auditorium

The choice is yours. If you want a campus, classrooms, meeting rooms, or conference center that’s ready-made, you will be able to select from several choices and themes. Or if you want to immerse yourself and your students with endless creative possibilities in a professional game engine, that’s your choice too. Another advantage is the 3D assets and custom avatars can go anywhere. User-generated content is not locked-in to the platform.

Note: VRcampus is derived from software originally designed for virtual reality (VR) using the Oculus Rift, and other future head mounted display Brands (HMDs).

                        You do NOT need VR equipment to use VRcampus.

It works fine on your desktop monitor, and eventually, some themes will work on your tablet. Also note that the interface is still in developer mode, and will be customizable.



Use the form below to request VRcampus access

VRcampus Download Request Form





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